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My experience with resolving a limited ad problem in Google Adsense 2023

My experience with resolving a limited ad problem in Google Adsense 2023

 In this article, I will discuss my experience in solving the problem of advertisements being restricted on this site. And how did I resolve the issue and reactivate the advertisements on my website?

My experience with resolving a limited ad problem in Google Adsense 2023

A large number of people received this message. "You have set the maximum number of ads that can be shown on your AdSense account." This means that the number of ads that can be shown on your sites is limited, but your account is still active and usable.

Initially, I received the following text message:

ads google


 What causes the problem of adding a maximum ad width to your AdSense account?

In truth, there are several explanations, and from my experience and investigation, I came to the following conclusions:

  1. It directs visitors to your site from reference sites, such as traffic-selling sites, etc.
  2. Exchange text with other sites that violate Google policy or are found to be in violation of Google policy.
  3. You use a lot of different search terms on the search engine and come to your site through Google search results quite often. This indicates that Google visits your site a lot from a single IP address.
  4. Invite your friends to visit your website and click ads.
  5. Your use of speed measurement tools such as GTmetrix and others to evaluate your site's performance, which Google considers to be illegal traffic.
  6. Revisit your site using the same browser and device you used to register your Google AdSense account.
  7. Unlawful clicks by some of your site visitors or those who seek to harm your account.

What to do when this message appears in your Google Adsense account?

  • When this message appears on your account, do not worry as long as you are sure that your site visits are safe and that you are not violating Google's policy, and I will explain to you how I got rid of this problem.
  • If you get such a notice, all you need to do is go to your site or sites connected to your Google Adsense account and analyze your traffic sources. You will undoubtedly discover that some of your sites are the most popular on search engines such as Google, Bing, Pinterest, and so on. They are legal and organic traffic, so do not be frightened of this site, which is being reviewed by Google robots, and the issue will be resolved within 30 days of getting the notification
  • But if you find that most of the strange visitors to one of your sites come from referral sites and other similar places and that site is linked to your Google Adsense account, you have a problem

Steps to solve the problem of restricting ads in Google Adsense 2023

The solution is to follow these steps that you must take as soon as this message appears to you:

  1. You should check the traffic to your sites or blogs that are connected to your Google Adsense account to ensure that it is safe.
  2. If you discover that a site or blog is receiving illegitimate visitors, attempt to cease showing advertisements on it by removing the Google Adsense advertising code from the blog but do not remove it from Google Adsense. Instead, wait until the first stage concludes and you see the results.
  3. Remove all ad units from sites where you believe your visits are legitimate and only allow automated advertisements to run.
  4. Write one or more articles on your Google Adsense-linked sites that have checked the safety of their visitors to show Google that your site is not just for showing ads but also for giving information to visitors. 
  5. If you are considering creating an advertising campaign for your site, attempt to do it via Google Ads to provide Google with more information about your site. 
  6. Edit your existing articles and try to add new keywords that people are searching for and that are related to the content of the article. 

The outcome will be available in around twenty days, and there are sites where the evaluation takes less than ten days, and somewhere it takes more than thirty days, all while according to Google's directions. 

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Avoid receiving the message that ads on your site have been restricted to your Google AdSense account?

To keep your account from getting locked out, avoid illicit clicks.

Illegal clicks are one of the most important and effective causes of this problem. Illegal clicks are caused by invalid visits, as detailed by Google in this article. As a result, it becomes more difficult to solve the problem of ads that are limited to your site or blog.

To prevent this, you must first:

  • Examine the sources of traffic to your blog. Use this reporting form to report any non-search source or IP you uncover when examining analytics on your dashboard or via Google Analytics and report it to Google using this reporting form. Invalid Contact Form Clicks

  • Fill out the form with the URLs or IP addresses you think are illegal sources of visits, like bot visits or repeated visits from the same person or site, so that your account can be dropped and closed.

  • Always ensure that the number of natural visitors from search engines, particularly Google, is the highest in your blog or site's statistics.

How to block invalid traffic to make it easier to fix restricted ads and get rid of the restriction

Google has described this in an excellent post. Read it to prevent invalid visitors to your blog or website.

We encourage you to verify the following information:

If you use Blogger blogs and have included the blog statistics in the control panel sites that are directed to your blog visitors, you will be harmed. You must include the following code underneath the tag.


Inside your blog design, replace any links that are in violation with This is the code; replace any link that you do not see in your blog's statistics with the one in it.

<script type='text/javascript'>

  var block = [‘‘, ‘‘, ‘‘,’‘];for (var b = block.length;b–;){if(document.referrer.match(block[b]))window.location= “”;}</script>

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