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G Suite - 10 good reasons to choose google G Suite

 10 good reasons to choose G Suite

G Suite is a suite of productivity tools and software for cloud computing and groupware aimed at professionals that Google offers as a subscription. 

The suite includes Google's most popular web apps, such as Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Agenda, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Google Sites.

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Google Suite is one of the best online tools for setting up effective remote meetings. 

This is especially true now when remote collaboration is important for any business to run smoothly and to stop the coronavirus from spreading.

G Suite's user interface

G Suite includes business-specific features like personalized email addresses, 30-gigabyte storage space for documents and emails, and telephone and email support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Thanks to G Suite, you can collaborate on files in real-time, find appointments on your colleagues' calendars quickly, and even attend meetings from wherever you are. 

Traveling with Google Suite is therefore made easier, more efficient, and faster.

G Suite has ten advantages.

Before deciding on a new office tool, consider your requirements. 

Do you require more collaboration, productivity, security, or mobility? Here are ten reasons why you should use this digital tool.

G Suite Mobility

Because of the Google Cloud, the G Suite allows you to work from anywhere on any device. Take advantage of storage space, apps, email, calendar, and lodging services. 

The space you have available in the cloud may be free or paid.

Once connected to your Google account, you may work from anywhere and on any device. Indeed, G Suite makes use of the cloud, and it includes a number of interconnected programs such as Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets.

Calendar synchronization with Gmail

Your G Suite team can easily organize meetings, share plans, and collaborate on team agendas with the help of Google Agenda. 

When you receive an email about an upcoming event or meeting, it is automatically added to your calendar. You will no longer be late for appointments!

Another feature of Google Agenda is the ability to attach papers to meetings in your calendar. You may also use Gmail to organize your missions by creating many agendas.

real-time collaboration with G Suite

The G Suite also allows for real-time collaboration amongst several people who are working on the same document. 

As a result, you can create documents, view them, share them, and modify them whenever and wherever you choose, on any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer). 

These papers are automatically recorded as you write them. Furthermore, Google Docs has unique features such as search, translation, project management, and more!

Timely file distribution

The Drive is a storage space for files that can be accessed at any time and from any device (computer, mobile device).

 As a result, you may collaborate with others while also controlling how your files are shared. All of your files are saved on the drive, and any user may access them whenever they want.

The Drive is very safe, so your data is safe in your user accounts, and sharing files follows the security rules that have been set up.

Development of a questionnaire

Create surveys using Google Forms. You can set up your questionnaire in any way you want, and you can add colors to make it your own and share it with your coworkers.

Addition of Extensions

You may also configure extensions to make use of G Suite. To get post-it notes in all of your GMAIL, Agenda, and Docs tools, install the Google Keep extension. 

You may, for example, save the most frequently asked questions by clients in a handy location or make task lists, notes, and reminders to stay on track.

Other Google extensions include: 

  1. Google Traduction
  2. Papaly
  3. Secure Exchanges


Google is very secure and provides controls at several levels of data processing (storage, access, and transfers).

This strategy includes the following ten components:

  • Google's general security policy Organizational security 
  • Activity classification and control 
  • Personal security Physical and environmental security 
  • Operational security
  • Access control 
  • System development and maintenance 
  • Reprise on sinistre and activity continuity plan
  • Regulatory compliance


Google's primary goal is to assist businesses in reaching optimal levels of productivity and efficiency. Because G Suite is so powerful, businesses can focus on their goals rather than dealing with IT problems.

Furthermore, Google places a premium on server response time in the ADN of its apps. The smallest amount must be justified. As a result, Google's online applications have unrivaled responsiveness.

G Suite is extremely effective collaboration and communication tool.

On the same document, many users may work together in real time. 

Add to that Google Hangouts, a platform that allows for the instant transmission of messages, a video chat area, and the sharing of screens, files, calendars, and events.


Allow your imagination to run wild with Google Sheets and Google Slides.

 Google Sheets lets you make your own unique calculation sheets by using diagrams and graphs to extract data, change it, and work on it from anywhere and on any device.

You can create effective presentations while working remotely using Google Slides. Create and edit presentations directly in your browser without installing any software. 

Simple migration

If a company migrates to G Suite and wants to migrate the history of emails and contacts, nothing is as simple as that!

Here's how it goes:

  • In the G Suite administration, there is a "Migration" tool that allows you to connect through POP3 to the old mailbox and transfer your emails to the new mailbox.
  • You may also use this tool to migrate emails from Yahoo,, and Gmail.
  • On his Gmail, each user may access the "Transfer and POP/IMAP" area and setup his or her own account.
  • To import contacts from G Suite, export them in CSV format and then import them.


MyConnecting, an expert in administrative training, offers a one-of-a-kind distance learning solution through the Formation G Suite. 

You will never advance as quickly as you will with this adaptable and personalized approach tailored to your needs. 

Working on your computer and your files involves you, allowing you to learn more quickly and fully utilize the features of Google Suite.

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