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klaviyo features review-pros and cons-why do people like Klaviyo?

 klaviyo features review-pros and cons-why do people like Klaviyo?

What is Klaviyo?

Businesses in a range of sectors may get e-commerce marketing solutions from Klaviyo. Integrations, market segmentation, tracking, analytics, and other features are all possible. 

klaviyo features review-pros and cons-why do people like Klaviyo?

It aids in accelerating growth and maximizing client reach since it is tailored to the needs and size of a company.

Why use Klaviyo?

All-in-one solution 

To begin, Klaviyo provides all of the tools required for a successful email marketing AND SMS plan. Everything in one spot!

It provides detailed reporting on your customer journey, automates customer conversations, and delivers fundamental growth in managing all aspects of your email marketing plan from start to finish. 

Klaviyo's sales-boosting features will let your business make an unlimited number of high-value connections with customers.

Klaviyo's main differentiators and benefits

  • Ready-made autoresponders Using prebuilt email flows for rapid customer responses and a wider audience can save time and improve income.
  • Email Personalization: Create emails for consumers that are specific to your company's needs. Make custom web feeds to add content to targeted emails that are sent automatically based on what the user does.
  • Increased Sales: By using built-in, automated welcome emails and abandoned cart email flows, you may increase sales.
  • Automated Lists: Import subscriber lists from other ESPs or form capture software automatically.
  • Custom Profiles: From the time a client visits your website until they make a purchase, you can learn everything you need to know about how they buy.
  • SMS Marketing: With a simple setup, you may personalize each text message. Customer permission is recorded and tracked on their profile. Count the amount of money a message brings in as well.
  • Data Science: Employs machine learning and AI to analyze and forecast consumer behavior and market circumstances. Choose which VIP clients to target with offers. This demonstrates when to send emails to get the most clicks.

  • Ultra-Specific Segments Utilize as many criteria as needed to establish granular segments, which makes it simpler to develop targeted email or text message campaigns. 

Industry knowledge

used by companies across a range of sectors with marketing automation capabilities and solutions for development and revenue growth. It supports the launch of new firms as well.

Summary of User Reviews and Ratings

The pros and cons listed below were chosen by a SelectHub Market Analyst based on the average of the reviews from the above sources.


  1. Analytics: According to all analytics evaluations, the solution has strong analytical capabilities. 
  2. 96% of consumers that use the software comment on its user-friendly interface and email templates. 
  3. According to more than 90% of user comments on this feature, segmentation is a significant advantage.


  • Training: Users who talked about setup and implementation all said that there wasn't enough training material.
  • Cost: 79% of customers who mention this point say that it is not worth the money given what it can do.

Scientist's Summary

Marketing campaigns are made simpler with Klaviyo's user-friendly design and email templates. According to user comments, rigorous monitoring and analytics were additional good qualities. 

Users also utilize it for market segmentation, which offers beneficial market data based on the categories selected. 

According to customer comments, the features may not justify the price tag for smaller firms, and getting started with the software may take some time owing to the absence of implementation training materials. 

All things considered, it's a wise decision for businesses with bigger budgets that need significant automation and segmentation capabilities.

Important Characteristics

Customer relationships: Take care of customers, get and keep important information about them, and use it only with their permission.

Analysis: Use segmented market data to learn about consumer trends, which gives companies the information they need to grow faster.

Integrations: provides unrestricted real-time data with sophisticated, ready-to-use integrations for more audience insights and personalisation. It connects to Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and other platforms. An open API allows for the creation of direct interfaces with bespoke e-commerce systems.

Reporting: Run reports from a single screen and easily export data. Quickly comprehend flow performance, campaign performance, and signup form performance. Custom analytics evaluates email performance and identifies possibilities.

Social Media Advertising: Send data to Facebook and Instagram in order to produce relevant messages and provide consistent experiences. Dynamically sync data to increase sales by automatically updating target groups with product-specific ads.

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