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How Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business Grow


Marketing automation is a strong tool for businesses, that may help them automate their marketing processes. By using marketing automation, businesses can save time and money while still getting the same results. 

There are many different marketing automation software platforms available, so it’s important to choose one that will fit your needs. 

How Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business Grow

Once you’ve chosen a platform, you can start using it to automate your marketing tasks.

Marketing Automation: What Is It? 

Using technology applications to automate marketing processes and workflows is known as marketing automation, or MA. Marketing automation helps marketers carry out their marketing strategies more quickly and successfully. 

Sending pre-scheduled marketing via platforms like email, social media, and SMS are examples of often automated. 

A common feature of marketing automation software is the ability to schedule multi-step campaigns, commonly referred to as customer journeys, which enables marketers to prepare a predetermined order of activities to be carried out in response to particular consumer behavior. 

While some marketing automation technologies enable automation for numerous marketing channels and are therefore channel-agnostic, others are channel-specific.

Tools tailored to a particular channel will typically also contain extra automated features, such as social listening alerts for individuals with a focus on social media. 

To view the outcomes of the automation being implemented, most marketing automation platforms will also feature some level of reporting and dashboarding.

What role does automation play in your marketing strategy?

The goal of marketing automation is to increase efficiency and productivity. When activities need specific expertise, such as improving customer interactions, automation frees up your time. 

From lead nurturing to market research and analytics, marketing automation may help with any task that does not require human intervention. 

Furthermore, fundamental jobs can be accomplished faster, allowing you to get the most out of your human resources. You have the option of focusing on campaigns with the highest ROI. The last thing you want is for your team to spend the entire day dealing with emails. 

However, with marketing and sales automation, you can ensure that all communications are dispatched on time.

The Best Marketing Automation Tools and Platforms

Marketers utilize marketing automation tools and platforms to achieve a variety of objectives. The simplest form is email automation based on a behavioral trigger, such as form completion or purchase.

Some will then develop a multi-step journey, which is a series of campaigns that are delayed in reaction to the customer's response, open and clicks, or lack thereof, to the previously delivered email. 

This basic form, however, falls short of providing customers with a tailored experience.

Marketers should go beyond the basics in order to get the most out of marketing automation technologies. One method is to use more data while planning marketing. 

The more advanced a marketer's logic for launching a campaign and the segment he or she creates, the more value the marketer will obtain from its automation platform. 

Similarly, the more segments and campaigns a marketer generates, the greater the influence marketing automation software will have on that brand, since it can help scale communications without all of the manual labor involved in sending them each time. 

Furthermore, marketers that use automation solutions to manage numerous channels from a single source will experience greater results than those who only focus on one channel.

Finally, marketers who use marketing automation tools in their reporting processes will significantly increase their performance since they will be creating a closed loop of automation that runs from conception to execution, insight discovery, and back. 

Simply configure the rule, and you're finished. Customers will typically feel more supported and engaged.

There is also a component of lead, sales, marketing, and customer analytics that can assist you in predicting which techniques will be most effective. 

As a result, your team can use data to continuously learn and improve so that your influence is maximized. Let's get started with some marketing automation ideas.

Marketing Automation Examples

Marketing automation can be a powerful tool for improving your marketing efforts. There are a variety of marketing automation tools available, so it can be difficult to know where to start.

Some of the most common marketing automation tools include:

Email marketing Automation is an example:

Email automation may be the most popular application of marketing automation. Because the email was one of the first digitally native mass communication mediums, marketers sought automation to help them manage the massive volume of messages they needed to deliver. 

All email automation platforms allow you to schedule an email to be sent at a specified time, such as 9:00 a.m EST. 

Some advanced solutions will allow for a dynamic time, such as 9:00AM based on the customer's time zone. 

As previously stated, AI-powered solutions will enable send time optimization, which means that the same email will be delivered multiple times based on historical customer behavior.

Recovery programs :

Let's face it: you have competition, and your customers are well aware of it. Even the most successful businesses do not have complete consumer loyalty.

However, you can improve your retention rates by automating your win-back efforts to reconnect with previous clients. Every firm goes through growing pains, and you may have made a few missteps with your clients. 

After you've solved all of the issues, there's no reason why you can't pique their attention again. Win-back emails can also be used for at-risk clients. Fortunately, you don't have to devote a whole day to it.

Gated content :

You not only get to get new leads, but you also get to deliver useful information to users. As a result, downloading gated content is a tried-and-true lead-generating method and another example of marketing automation.

Customers anticipate you to be a market leader. As a result, people would like to obtain relevant stuff from your brand.

There is no doubt that gated content is an effective way of generating leads. Gated content is more specialized and serves as a reference for a single topic. 

Furthermore, in order to download gated content, individuals must only enter their names and email addresses.

Automation of social media 

Many businesses may benefit from a few more hours in the day. The workload seems to be getting longer and longer, and stress levels are rising.

Something will have to give. Social networking is frequently at the top of the list of throwaway duties. 

Is it really necessary to take another product shot on Instagram? In a nutshell, sure. 

The long-term benefits of social media management You must be where your clients are in the digital world. 

They are easily found on social media networks. What if you could manage your social media accounts in less time? You can accomplish the following via automation:

  • Consistent content is essential for growing a significant following. 
  • Increase participation. 
  • Enhance your reputation.

Magnets :

Sales cannot be closed without leads, and all organizations require leads to power their operational engines. The issue is that generating leads takes a long time. 

A lead is made up of a customer's interest and contact information. Obtaining leads requires a range of strategies, including social media postings, ads, videos, and even podcasts. 

Another example of marketing automation for lead creation is Mobile Monkey's live chatbot. You're well aware that you require leads. You are also aware that they can consume valuable time. Why not then automate lead generation?


These marketing automation examples can help you save money, increase productivity, improve client interaction, and boost productivity.

It would be preferable if you didn't have to deal with rushed processes and time-consuming tasks in this digitally-driven world.

Reduce the load of repetitive marketing duties by using automation. Indeed, the potential is endless, making marketing automation an exciting moment to deploy.

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