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Guide to amazon a2i : What is amazon ai?

what is amazon ai

Amazon AI is a collection of artificial intelligence (AI) services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers that include machine learning and deep learning capabilities. 

With an API call from the AWS Management Console, you can use Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Machine Learning.

Guide to amazon a2i: What is amazon ai?

Using a conversational, ChatOps interface, the Amazon AI suite of services can have text or voice discussions with an end user. It also provides services for understanding human languages, converting text to speech, and analyzing photos to identify places, faces, and things.

 The speech recognition, text-to-speech, image recognition, and machine learning services are all scalable and fully managed, so a developer can add them to an app without having to learn algorithms or take care of the infrastructure.

Amazon AI service options

Amazon Lex allows developers to create conversational interfaces for their apps. Amazon Lex understands spoken instructions using natural language processing and automatic speech recognition.

Deep-learning technology enables a developer to create an app with lifelike interactions, akin to the Amazon Alexa service that powers the Amazon Echo.

 A developer can use the service to make chatbots, which are bots that can have conversations with people.


Amazon Polly enables developers to integrate natural-sounding voice capabilities into their applications. 

Text is sent to Amazon Polly via a software development kit or the AWS Management Console, and Polly synthesizes it into humanlike speech. Amazon Polly offers over 40 voices in 20 languages.


Amazon Rekognition analyzes photos and determines their content using facial, object, and scene recognition.

Amazon Rekognition also has image search and face-comparison capabilities that developers may include in their applications.

The service labels objects and people using deep-neural network technology that is pre-programmed and similar to the technology that Amazon uses to analyze photos in Prime Photos.


Amazon Machine Learning lets a developer use algorithms to find patterns in end-user data and create mathematical models for predictive analytics apps based on these patterns.

Amazon A2I 

Some machine learning applications require human oversight to ensure the accuracy of sensitive data, to help with continuous improvement, and to retrain models with updated predictions. 

However, in these situations, you often have to choose between a machine learning-only system or a human-only system. 

Companies try to get the best of both systems by integrating machine learning systems into your workflows while “humanly” monitoring the results to ensure the required level of accuracy.

Amazon Augmented AI is a machine learning service that makes it easy to create the workflows required for human analysis. 

Amazon A2I brings human verification to all developers, removing the undifferentiated burden associated with building human verification systems or managing large numbers of verifiers, whether running on AWS or not.

Amazon A2I can be used for


Medical insurance applications, treatment forms, prescriptions, and many other health documents contain valuable information that must be extracted quickly and accurately. 

Now you can use Amazon A2I and Amazon Textract to process documents, extract data, and perform human review of important data.

This saves time and money in document processing, and also allows a human being to verify sensitive or nuanced data, or analyze predictions on an ongoing basis.

Financial services

Loan or home loan applications, tax forms, and many other financial documents contain millions of data points that must be processed and extracted quickly and efficiently. 

Using Amazon Textract and Amazon A2I, you can extract critical data from these forms, whether structured or unstructured, and perform human review of the results. DealNet Capital uses Amazon Textract and Amazon A2I to process its financial forms. 

These solutions reduce the time spent manually reviewing documents by up to 80%.

Use Amazon A2I for any ML workflow

Integrate Amazon A2I to perform human review of any ML workflow, such as image or content moderation with Amazon Rekognition, edit and flag translations with Amazon Translate, review video or social media transcripts using Amazon Transcribe, or use Amazon Comprehend for sentiment analysis and phrase extraction.

 By using Amazon A2I with other AI services like Amazon SageMaker or Amazon Fraud Detector, you can easily implement human review of machine learning predictions.

Advantages of Amazon A2I

Easily implement human verification of ML predictions

Amazon A2I gives you the flexibility to integrate human verification into ML applications based on your needs. Unreliable checks are sent to humans to check and take action.

If necessary, you can also have multiple verifiers verify a prediction to achieve consensus. Additionally, to audit models, you can randomly sample predictions for human analysis to periodically assess whether the model is still performing correctly. 

Amazon A2I helps users and machines do what they do best.

Integrate human verification into any app

Amazon A2I gives you an easy way to integrate human verification into your machine learning workflows, without the need for machine learning experience.

 You don't have to choose between a human verification only system and a machine learning only system. 

Indeed, Amazon A2I combines machine learning and human expertise to offer you an automation solution while human monitoring the results to guarantee the required level of precision. 

Amazon A2I makes it easy to integrate human judgment and AI into any ML application, whether running on AWS or another platform.

Get to market faster

Choosing between machine learning and humans handling processes manually is like choosing between going to market today and months from now. Integrating Amazon A2I into your workflows not only allows you to get to market faster with your machine learning solution, but also allows you to update your models and retrain them over time.

 Both your business and your workflows may need changes. So Amazon A2I can help you continually improve your models at any stage of your machine learning journey.

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