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Google One - What you need to know pricing, storage, and how it differs from Google Drive 2022

 We've got all the information you need regarding the cloud storage subscription option.

What you need to know about Google One's pricing, storage, and how it differs from Google Drive :

Since Google Photos' unlimited free storage was limited to 15GB in June, you may have thought about signing up for Google One to get more space. 

Google One, formerly Paid Google Drive Storage, is Google's cloud storage service that has been available since 2018. 

For $2 a month, you can get 100GB of space across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos by signing up for a Google One membership. You'll also gain access to a number of additional features, such as automatic backup of your Android device's photos, messages, and contacts.

Google announced a subscription service called Pixel Pass at Tuesday's Pixel event, which bundles features like YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, and Play Pass, as well as Google One Storage.

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You need to know everything about Google One, including membership costs, storage space, family plans, and more.

What exactly is Google One, and how is it different from Google Drive?

Google One is a monthly membership service that gives you access to additional online cloud storage via Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. Meanwhile, Google Drive is a free cloud storage service that allows you to save up to 15GB of files and photos. 

In 2018, Google One replaced Google Drive storage plans, so if you want more space in Google Drive than your free 15GB, you must pay for a Google One plan.

Google One can be accessed via your browser or the Google One app.

 The app isn't required for using Google One, but depending on how much storage you buy and what you intend to use it for, it can improve and simplify the service.

 Sign up for Google One

To sign up for Google One website, go to the website and make sure you're signed into the Google Account you want to use, and it should tell you that you currently have 15GB of storage. 

It will also show how much of the 15GB you have already used  (Google Drive, Gmail, or Google Photos). You can either stick with the 15GB free tier or select a plan.

There are six tiers to choose from, beginning with the 100GB tier for $2 per month, which Google recommends. 

If you click that, Google will confirm your purchase using the credit card on file (or your Google Play balance). 

After that, simply click Subscribe and you're done. You'll also receive some Google Play points as a bonus.

What is the price of Google One? Is there a free trial period?

The price of Google One is determined by the storage tier you select. There is no free trial, but Google Drive's standard 15GB of storage does not come with a monthly fee. 

If you want to sign up for Google One to get more than the standard free 15GB of storage, here's a breakdown of the various storage tiers and prices:

  • 100GB    =      $2 per month or $20 per year. 
  • 200GB    =     $3 per month or $30 per year. 
  • 2TB        =     $10 per month or $100 per year. 
  • 10TB      =     $100 per month. 
  • 20TB      =        $200 a month. 
  • 30TB      =        $300 per month.

What does a Google One membership plan include?

Each Google One membership tier provides a little bit more than the previous one. 

100GB =   $2 per month 

For $2 per month (or $20 per year), you can get 100 GB of storage to use across Drive, Gmail, and Photos. You'll also have access to a team of Google experts via chat or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

With a Google One membership, you can also share your plan with up to six family members, allowing everyone to benefit from the extra storage in their individual Google accounts.

Extra benefits of the subscription include free and discounted content on hotels or Google Stadia, some of which are redeemable by family members with whom you've shared your plan. 

It will also back up your Android phone's photos, videos, messages, and contacts automatically.

200GB =   $3 per month 

In addition to the benefits of the 100GB plan, 200GB subscribers receive additional storage as well as an additional member benefit: 3% cash back on Google Store purchases.

2TB =   $10 per month or $100 

Subscribing to the 2TB storage plan entitles you to all of the same member benefits as the previous two plans, plus up to 10% cash back in the Google Store. 

This tier of subscribers also receives a VPN for their Android phones.

To gain access to 10TB, 20TB, or 30TB of storage, you must already be a Google One member, which means you must have paid for one of the previously mentioned tiers. 

These are massive amounts of storage, however, and the average person is unlikely to require them. Once you're a subscriber, the final three levels only differ in terms of storage size from the 2TB plan.

What is the Google One VPN? 

If you have a 2 TB or higher plan, Google One will provide you with VPN access. 

The VPN is integrated into the Google One app and is intended to provide an additional layer of security when you're online. 

Scroll down to Enable VPN on the app  Home tab. To turn it on, simply swipe the toggle on the next screen.

Furthermore, Google One provides Pro Sessions, which allow you to schedule sessions with Google Experts to learn more about VPNs and online safety.

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Membership sharing with family members

You can create a group of up to five additional family members to share your plan with your Google One paid membership. 

Creating a family group grants members access to the Google Family Calendar, Family Keep, Google Assistant, Family Link, YouTube Premium plans (if you subscribe), Google Play Family TV, and other features.

Open Google One in your browser or app to begin adding people. You can add family members from the browser's home screen, or from the app's Settings tab > Manage Family Settings > Manage Family Group.

Simply select Invite Family Members, click the "+" sign, and enter each person's email address. Click submit to send the invitation to your family member, who has a week to answer. 

When they accept, their profile photo will display next to yours as a member, and you'll be able to check how many invitations you have remaining.

To delete someone, simply click on their profile and select Remove Member. You can also share your parental rights by going to Manage Parental Privileges. 

To delete the family group, click the Settings button in the top right corner and select Delete Family Group while still in Manage Family Group.

Discovering and utilizing member advantages

To access your member advantages, go to Benefits in the Google One app or on the internet version. There was an ad for up to 40% off hotels when I signed up for the 100GB plan. 

If you want to see how to use it, click Learn More to see how to search for hotels. Google One also mentions that more benefits are always being added. By selecting Benefits History, you can view a record of the benefits you've redeemed.

Change plans or cancel Google One

If you sign up for a Google One plan and realize you don't have enough – or too much – storage, you can easily change your plans in your browser or through the app.

In the app, go to Settings and then Change Membership Plan. You can then choose between larger, smaller, monthly, or annual plans based on your needs.

To change your plan in your browser, go to Google One's website and make sure you're logged in with the relevant Google Account. 

On the left side of the screen, choose Storage, then Get More Storage, or scroll down for more options. Choose the plan you want and confirm it by following the onscreen prompts. 

You can also choose to change your membership plan from the Settings menu.

To cancel your Google One subscription, go to Settings in your browser or app and select Cancel Membership.

More information is available at How to Prepare for Google's End of Unlimited Photo Storage and Everything You Need to Know About Apple's Subscription Bundle Apple One.

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