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klaviyo pricing: Marketing Platform ( Email & SMS ) Guide 2022

klaviyo pricing: Marketing Platform ( Email & SMS ) Guide 2022

Few eCommerce business owners are unaware that email marketing is one of the most effective and lucrative forms of internet advertising. 

In the paragraphs below, I examine the email marketing tool and app Klaviyo. It's one of the best email marketing applications available, and it's well known for accelerating the email generation process.

klaviyo pricing: Marketing Platform ( Email & SMS ) Guide 2022

I'd want to briefly touch on another topic before I start the review that the majority of internet marketers and business owners will find valuable. 

While email marketing is a very effective marketing strategy, as I've already explained, there are other strategies that may also be extremely helpful, as this infographic shows.

What is Klaviyo and how does it work?

As we return to Klaviyo, it is important to note that, in my opinion, this program is best used as a terrific add-on for eCommerce platforms rather than as a stand-alone email marketing tool, especially if you don't own an online store.   

Most e-commerce experts will, however, find the features remarkable.

What is the benefit of Klaviyo?

As we already discussed, Klaviyo is an email marketing solution that provides you with all the tools necessary to create effective email campaigns. 

Klaviyo might be of assistance if you're seeking a dependable solution to engage your audience more deeply through impactful email flows and messages.

Like some of the best email tools available today, Klaviyo has a ton of features that are meant to make your life simpler. 

These features include a drag-and-drop email composer and a variety of eye-catching themes to make your messages stand out. If you want to advance your efforts, there are a ton of marketing automation solutions to look at.

pros and cons of klaviyo


Klaviyo is no different from other tools in that it has advantages and disadvantages to take into account. This is a sophisticated application with many helpful features for both new users and experienced company owners.

For instance, users of Klaviyo can:

  • Create emails that stand out by using excellent email templates. Those templates may also be modified using the built-in drag-and-drop builder.

  • Make groups of your audience based on how they act and other things about them so you can get closer to your target market.

  • Integrating with Facebook's custom audiences will help you make a more complete multi-channel marketing strategy.

  • Use marketing automation tools to get in touch with customers who have left their shopping carts or bought something.

  • Redesign the way your email sequences and registration forms look to get more leads for your business.

  • Personalize product suggestions to increase customer engagement after purchases.

  • Your e-commerce performance will be improved with Shopify connections.


When compared to alternatives like Sendinblue, Mailchimp, Omnisend, and ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo does, however, have several drawbacks, including somewhat high pricing.

Also, Klaviyo may be hard to use, especially when you want to use it with other programs like Magento and look at analytics data.

problems include:

  • High prices are too expensive for smaller firms to bear.
  • Some aspects of the UI are complex, making them unattractive to newcomers.
  • Limited client guidance and assistance.

klaviyo pricing: klaviyo free plan

There is a low admission threshold for Klaviyo. And by "low," we mean that you can start completely configuring the system without paying them a dime.

None of their features are locked or hidden from free account holders. You can combine all of your other software and connect your eCommerce business to Klaviyo.

While you set up email automation, which Klaviyo calls "flows," your account will start to collect and store information for free. And it is really significant.

This type of service is not offered by the other ESPs. To receive these types of advantages, you must upgrade your account to a premium one.

According to my personal experience, setting up email automation takes 3-6 weeks or 1-2 months.

This implies that before you can even use the program on other platforms, you'll need to pay for it for a month or two.

Alternatively, using Klaviyo, you may build it up slowly without worrying about losing money.

Reviews for Klaviyo: Price Range

The premium plans, which are dependent on the number of email contacts, start at $25 and rise as the contacts do. Klaviyo also has a free option for people who just want to try it out or who run small e-commerce businesses.

The free plan has the benefit of allowing you to use most of Klaviyo's services without incurring any fees. The only restriction is the number of contacts and emails sent, so Klaviyo expands together with your business.

The Klaviyo plans are based only on the number of contacts you have in your database, so keep in mind that they lack names.

What is the advantage of Klaviyo pricing system?

The key benefit of the "pay per subscriber" model is that all of Klaviyo's features are accessible to everyone, regardless of the monthly subscription cost.

Here's an example of how the price rises when your contacts increase:

  • Up to 250 contacts and 500 email messages are supported for free. This package comes with most of the regular Klaviyo features. Double opt-ins will have to be enabled for you. Additionally, your email has Klaviyo branding.

  • With the $20/month 500 Contact Plan, you can have up to 500 contacts, send as many emails as you want, and get help through chat and email.

  • Up to 1,000 contacts, unlimited email sends email and chat assistance are included with the $30 per month 1000 Contact Plan.

  • Up to 1,500 contacts, unlimited email sends, and email and chat assistance are included in the 1,500 Contact Plan, which costs $45 per month.

  • Up to 2,000 contacts, unlimited email sends, and email and chat assistance are included in the 2,000 Contact Plan, which costs $60 per month.

  • Up to 3,000 contacts, unlimited email sends, and email and chat assistance are included in the 3,000 Contact Plan, which costs $70 per month.

  • Up to 4,000 contacts, unlimited email sends, and email and chat assistance are included in the 4,000 Contact Plan, which costs $1000 per month.

  • Up to 6,000 contacts, unlimited email sends, and email and chat assistance are included in the 6,000 Contact Plan, which costs $130 per month.

  • If you have more than 6,000 contacts, there are a ton of different price alternatives as well. For every 1,000 new contacts, you add to your list, it tends to increase by roughly $25 a month. 

On their website, Klaviyo has a great slider that you can use to figure out exactly how much it will cost your business.

For a maximum of 146,000 contacts, the monthly price option is $1,700. You may be assigned a dedicated account manager at some of these higher tiers. Following that strategy, you must get in touch with the Klaviyo sales staff to determine a specific cost.

Klaviyo Pricing in Relation to Competitors

I chose to contrast Klaviyo's price with a few of their rivals in order to give you a better picture of the benefits and drawbacks.

I'll start by contrasting the cost per contact.

For the sake of this small experiment and to avoid comparing apples to oranges, I compared the price structures that are most like those of Klaviyo.

klaviyo pricing 2022

The pricing comparison for each contact shows that Klaviyo is the most costly.

Klaviyo provides transparency

How do you feel about businesses that, when you click on the price, offer to "arrange a demo" rather than giving you the information you require? Personally, I detest it.

In my opinion, that's just a horrible user experience. It would be beneficial for the business as they could learn more about you and your organization, which would make it simpler for them to offer you the service.

In contrast to many other ESPs, Klaviyo provides extremely straightforward and open pricing.


The plans for Klaviyo's price are all the same. There is just one plan that includes every feature. Only the quantity of contacts you have affects the cost.

No startup fees.

Nowadays, it's quite uncommon for SaaS to charge for setup.

However, some traditional SaaS businesses additionally charge a one-time, non-refundable setup fee in addition to the monthly subscription. 

With Klaviyo, there is no startup charge. Furthermore, the setup is simple and doesn't take too long.

Every function is present.

Most email marketing programs come with a ton of functionality.

From firm to firm, they are all generally pretty similar. However, there is a problem.

Many businesses offer free or inexpensive accounts, but these accounts have fewer features available. Here is only one comparison of ActiveCampaign programs.

Klaviyo does not separate its features into different plans; all of them are available with the free account. Everyone has access to a new feature as soon as it is released.

No fee for each user

You won't likely perform email marketing for your internet store by yourself when you first start. Having said that, you will probably grant access to more than one person to your ESP.

Certain email service providers limit the number of users in free and low-cost accounts, but Klaviyo does not. There is no additional charge for the number of users you add.

Access at the user level without cost

With Klaviyo, we could take their 6-user access level for granted because they don't charge more for it.

ActiveCampaign is only one of many other businesses that charge for a function similar to this.

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