If you want to fix an old family photo, A free AI tool for recovering and repairing old photos

 Is there a way to restore an old family photo by means of ai tools?

There may be a free alternative available to you. GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior-Generative Adversarial Network) is a free ai tool created by Tencent researchers that can recover damaged and low-resolution pictures. 

A free AI tool for recovering and repairing old photos

Information from two AI models is combined to create realistic details in a shot in a matter of seconds, while still keeping a high level of accuracy and excellent quality.

By comparing the generated and genuine photographs, conventional approaches fine-tune an existing AI model to recover images. According to the experts, this typically results in low-quality outcomes. 

A free AI tool for recovering and repairing old photos

An existing model (NVIDIA's StyleGAN-2) that has been pre-trained is used to influence the team's own model throughout the picture generating process. 

With a concentration on facial characteristics like eyes and lips, the approach seeks to maintain people's "identity" in photographs.

GFP-GAN has a free demo version that you may use. They have also made the code available for anybody to use to adopt the restoration technology in their own work.

This research is still constrained by the present state of AI. In spite of the fact that its predictions concerning missing material are often correct, it can only infer. 

A "slight change of identity" and a poorer resolution may be seen, according to the researchers. 

If you want to print an enormous picture of your grandparents, don't depend on this. Even so, the work presented here is encouraging; it suggests a future in which photos that would otherwise be lost to the ravages of time might be readily recovered.

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