, pub-7580744294872774, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Artificial intelligence is taking cryptocurrency trading to a whole new level. This is how it works.

Artificial intelligence is taking cryptocurrency trading to a whole new level. This is how it works.


The current market environment is difficult for crypto investors, but the DAO claims that AI-powered portfolios can give them a crucial advantage.

Artificial intelligence is taking cryptocurrency trading to a whole new level

The cryptocurrency market has gone through terrible months, with Bitcoin losing an unprecedented number of consecutive weeks.

According to the decentralized autonomous organization behind an AI-powered Defi crypto portfolio, the present downturn demonstrates why traders need cutting-edge tools to stay ahead of the game.

Artificial intelligence is taking cryptocurrency trading to a whole new level. This is how it works.

DynaSets, SingularityDAO's main product, was tested in a closed beta environment from December to March and is now being tested in an open environment.

DynaSets V1 will be released at the end of June. It will accompany a new user interface that will provide DynaSets clients with an intuitive experience matched by branding.

During the beta phase, the team utilized a long-only trading strategy, but when V1 is released, the team will add options for shorting the market and applying leverage to deals.

Following the beta, all three DynaSets outperformed the market by more than 15%, surpassing many of the top crypto funds. 

Although the open beta is still ongoing, the results are confirming Dynasets' efficacy and capacity to safeguard holdings during bear markets.

Current market conditions clearly illustrate the necessity for AI-powered decentralized asset management tools to aid decision-making, SingularityDAO CEO Marcello Mari told Cointelegraph.

Everyone should be able to participate, not just those who can afford and use enterprise-wide trading tools. 

The results of the DynaSets are very encouraging and show that we are on the right track, especially with the imminent launch of our advanced V1 platform. "

The issue of access is critical, especially in the digital asset space, which is intended to be a level playing field where regular investors enjoy the same alternatives as those with millions of dollars in the bank.

What is the mechanism behind it?

Singularity DAO claims that AI underpins a dynamic asset manager, which monitors market trends and manages assets. 

Transactions in DynaSet are grouped together to save users money from transaction fees.

Staking is also available, as is the unbound staking program that allows users to withdraw their tokens at any moment. Although this last aspect may not provide the greatest returns, it can provide much-needed peace of mind and flexibility in light of the current market instability.

The DAO Launchpad features only the most innovative new merchandise, both from within its ecosystem and from external sources.

Developing a chain-agnostic mindset

SingularityDAO claims to want to become chain agnostic in the future, allowing users to connect to any chain they like. 

This is a huge step forward in terms of interoperability and breaking down the silos that have developed in the blockchain realm.

In the future, a Defi dashboard will allow users to gain "advanced insights" about their portfolios, separating the signal from the noise and revealing trends that other data platforms might have missed.

 Bear markets present new obstacles for investors seeking to preserve their assets. 

Knowledge is power, and bear markets present new hurdles for investors seeking to protect their assets.

SingularityNET and SingularityDAO received a $24 million commitment from LDA Capital Limited in May 2022, allowing them to expedite their product roadmap and ensure that AI technologies are widely used. According to the release, the worldwide AI software market is expected to reach $126 billion by 2025.

By the end of June, a DynaSet on BNB Chain will be live, and as we enter the third quarter of this year, an AI-automated DynaSet will be live for the first time, rebalancing tokens automatically using trading bots while keeping human traders informed at all times. DynaSets will be available on EVM-compatible blockchains like Avalanche as well.

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