, pub-7580744294872774, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 Zuckerberg - With AI, you will be able to build complex worlds with just your voice

Zuckerberg - With AI, you will be able to build complex worlds with just your voice

A Meta prototype allows you to describe virtual worlds and create them.

 Meta is experimenting with an artificial intelligence system that allows individuals to describe virtual environments and create sections of them, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated a sample today at a live event.

Meta's Horizon "metaverse" virtual reality experiences, a proof of concept, might someday attract more people to Meta.

It might also aid in the development of creative AI technology, which is at the heart of machine-generated art.

Zuckerberg - With AI, you will be able to build complex worlds with just your voice

In a scripted demo film, Zuckerberg walked viewers through the process of building a virtual place using the Builder Bot, starting with commands like "let's go to the beach," which prompts the bot to generate a cartoonish 3D landscape of sand and water around him. 


(This is "entirely AI-generated," according to Zuckerberg.) Later orders range from broad demands such as "build an island" to more specific requests such as "include altocumulus clouds" and "a model of a hydrofoil," which is a jab at himself.


They also feature sound effects like "tropical music," which Zuckerberg claims comes from a boombox built by Builder Bot, but it might just as well have been generic background sounds. 

Builder Bot employs a tiny library of human-created models, but the video doesn't clarify whether AI is involved in the development process.


Several AI projects, including OpenAI's DALL-E, Nvidia's GauGAN2, and VQGAN+CLIP, as well as more accessible apps like Dream by Wombo, have exhibited picture production based on text descriptions. 

However, while some academics are working on 3D object generation, these well-known initiatives entail producing 2D pictures (often quite strange ones) without interactive components.

As stated by Meta and demonstrated in the video, Builder Bot looks to be using voice input to add 3D objects that users may walk about. Meta is aiming for more ambitious interactions. 


With just your voice, "Zuckerberg stated during the event keynote, "you'll be able to construct intricate worlds to explore and share experiences with others." 


On the occasion, Meta also revealed plans for a universal language translator, a new conversational AI system, and a project to build new translation models for languages with tiny textual data sets.

However, according to Zuckerberg, advanced interaction, such as the types of useful virtual items that many VR users take for granted, poses significant challenges.


If users request objectionable material or the AI's training reproduces human biases and assumptions about the world, the AI's creation might bring new moderating challenges. 


We also don't know what the current system's limitations are. So, for the time being, don't expect to see Builder Bot on Meta's social VR platform-but you can get a glimpse of Meta's AI future plans.

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