, pub-7580744294872774, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 what is AlphaGo artificial intelligence (Ai) ?

what is AlphaGo artificial intelligence (Ai) ?

AlphaGo is an artificial intelligence (AI) agent that is trained to compete against humans in the game of Go, a Chinese strategic board game.

what is AlphaGo (Ai) ?

AlphaGo is a project of Google's DeepMind division.A measure of AI advancement is the capacity to design a learning system that can beat a human player in strategic games. 


what is AlphaGo artificial intelligence (Ai) ?

AlphaGo is a self-teaching AI that competes with itself in order to learn the complicated strategic game of Go.

 AlphaGo has beaten human players in the past, but new versions are continually being developed.


Go is a Chinese board game akin to chess in which two players alternate putting a piece on each move, one with black pieces and the other with white. 


The pieces are set on a grid that varies in size depending on the level of play, ranging from 19x19 placement points to 19x19 placement points. The aim is to surround enemy pieces with your pieces in order to seize additional territory (empty spaces). 


To capture, only places that are horizontal and vertical in relation to the players must be covered; diagonals are not necessary. Individually or in groups, portions of territory can be taken.


Chess is a more well-known board game with white and black pieces, whereas Go has an infinite number of moves. 


Because of the large number of viable positions, a typical brute force strategy, such as that utilized by IBM's Big Blue in chess, is hard to apply to today's computers. 

Because of the change in issue complexity, a different method was necessary.


AlphaGo uses a Monte Carlo algorithm tree search to choose the best move from a list of potential moves in its machine-learned repertoire. 


The various versions of AlphaGo have different algorithms and learning methods. The version of AlphaGo Master that defeated world champion Go player Ke Jie used supervised learning. 


The unsupervised learning variant of AlphaGo, AlphaGo Zero, learns by playing against itself.

The AI begins by playing at random, then progresses to a higher level of intelligence. It has advanced to the point that it frequently defeats the master version, which dominates human players. 


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