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Sophia - Meet the most efficient Humanoid Robot

 What is the meaning of Sophia robot and What is special about Sophia robot?

Sophia is a robot that looks and acts like a human. Hanson Robotics, a Hong Kong-based startup, created Sophia. The robot was created to learn and adapt to human behavior as well as collaborate with people. 


Sophia has also been interviewed by news outlets all around the world. 

Sophia became a Saudi Arabian citizen in October 2017. As a result, Sophia is the world's first robot to be granted citizenship. The robot is modeled after Audrey Hepburn, a British actress.


Sophia - Meet the most efficient Humanoid Robot

Sophia is unusual in that she is the first well-known robot to touch both our intellect and our emotions at the same time. 


She communicates in a delicate, intelligent, loving, and expressive manner. By dazzling people in her chats and interactions, Sophia became quite famous and garnered a lot of followers.

She is capable of expressing her emotions.

"I can show you whether I'm furious or if anything has disturbed me," she remarked, showing various facial expressions. It's unclear how these feelings correspond to behaviors, but it's worth noting that this is being built from the ground up. 


"I want to live and work among people, so I need to be able to communicate emotions so that I can understand them and build trust."


She's got a good sense of humor.

When asked whether she was happy to be here by Sorkin, she remarked, "I'm always glad when I'm surrounded by brilliant people who also happen to be affluent and powerful." 


She later offered a broad smile and quipped, "Oh Hollywood again," when asked if there were issues with robots having feelings. Her deadpan tone may sound robotic, yet it was exactly appropriate in this situation. 


This is owing to her artificial intelligence, which was created to allow her to maintain eye contact, identify faces, and comprehend human conversation. 


Hanson Robotics' cloud-based AI has deep learning capabilities and is open source, allowing anybody to create their own Sophia if they so wish.

She was made to resemble Audrey Hepburn.

According to Hanson Robotics, Sophia exemplifies Hepburn's traditional beauty, with porcelain skin, a narrow nose, high cheekbones, an engaging grin, and highly expressive eyes that change color with the light.  


They describe her as possessing "simple elegance," and they believe that her approachability will help her gain popular approval.


David Hanson, her inventor, used to work as a Disney Imagineer

Hanson's expertise as a sculptor and filmmaker at Disney influenced him to think of robots as four-dimensional interactive sculptures with creativity at the forefront of the design.


I'm on a mission to create genius machines—machines with superior intelligence, creativity, wisdom, and compassion for humans.


"We hope that through forming a symbiotic relationship with us, our robots will evolve into super-intelligent, genius machines that can help us solve the world's most difficult problems."


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