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Digital Marketing Agencies - Top 09 company in USA 2022

What is the definition of a "digital marketing agency"?

Instead of handling your digital marketing in-house, you can hire a digital firm. 


They may assist you in achieving your marketing objectives and growing your organization by providing a variety of digital solutions for promoting your product or service online.


They typically work with several other clients, learning about their business goals and providing ideas and services that are tailored to their individual needs.


Digital Marketing Agencies - Top 09 company in USA 2022

What services does a typical digital agency provide?

A digital agency is made up of a group of individuals who are experts in modern digital marketing tactics.


They offer technology-based services that allow you to contact and interact with your target audience anywhere in the world, rather than traditional marketing methods like newspaper ads.

The following digital services might be offered by a digital agency:

Services in strategy

  • Market and competitor analysis
  • Sales funnel strategy with customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Consulting on user experience
  • strategy for marketing
  • Positioning and messaging for your brand
  • Automation

Services in marketing

  • The creation of content
  • Campaigns for digital marketing
  • Branding
  • Personas in marketing.
  • Paid advertising
  • Nurturing as a leader
  • SEO

Services by design

  • Personas and user testing
  • UI (user interface) design
  • UX (user experience) design
  • Prototyping and wireframing
  • graphic design for print
  • designing a website
  • Animations

 Services for development

  • Creating a website
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • Migration of platforms and data
  • Implementation of CRM


 Some digital agencies offer "full-service digital marketing," which means concentrating on a company's whole online presence. 

Other digital enterprises may specialize in a few specialist marketing services, such as search engine optimization or website development.


 Be careful to review all of a digital agency's offerings to ensure that they are compatible with your company's goals.


How do I pick the right digital agency for my company?  

Going from in-house digital marketing to hiring a digital agency can be a major move. 

Small and medium-sized firms are hesitant to hire a digital marketing partner for a variety of reasons, including concerns about higher spending and a lack of trust in a third party.


 By now, you should be able to see how beneficial it is to collaborate with a digital agency. . Which leads us to our next question: "How can I select the best digital agency for my company?"

To get started on some choices, we recommend looking at various digital agency review sites like Clutch. co. 

You may refine your search based on parameters such as average hourly wage, project size, and location, among others.


 Then read the reviews to discover whether their customer testimonials resonate with you. Alternatively, we offer a good old-fashioned referral. 

Check with your friends and family to learn which agencies they've used in the past.


We propose that once you've narrowed your search to a few possibilities, you look at each website and the services they provide.  


You are not obligated to use any of the services, but it is reassuring to know that they can meet your needs now and in the future.


After that, go to their latest work page to see what they've been up to. 

Every agency should have an "our work" page that highlights their client's work, including the problems they faced, the services they delivered, and the results they were able to achieve. 


This should help you envision what it would be like to work for that agency and what type of results you could expect.


Finally, make direct contact for a fast discovery call. 

It may seem intimidating at first, but you'll have the opportunity to speak with a live professional about your needs and ask questions. 

They'll be able to give you a brief overview of some of the solutions they can supply, as well as a sense of what it's like to work with them.

 Best Digital Marketing Agencies - Top 09 

Ignite Visibility 

Agency information:

  • The number of employees ranges from 50 to 99
  • The budget ranges from $1,000 to $10,000
  • Inquire about the average hourly rate
  • Inception year: 2012


Ignite Visibility is one of the industry's leading digital marketing firms. Ignite Visibility has become a four-time Inc. 

5000 business (2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020) and is trusted by major brands thanks to the same techniques they utilize for clients.


Over 150 incredible clients, including Tony Robbins, The Knot World Wide, National Funding, and 5 Hosts, are represented by the firm.


Ignite Visibility, an industry expert and a professor at the University of California, San Diego, is the driving force behind Ignite Visibility. 


Lincoln has been a digital marketer since 2002 and is considered one of the best in the business. 

Search Engine Land named Lincoln the 2017 Search Marketer of the Year, and he recently released "SEO: The Movie" and "Social Media Marketing The Movie." Entrepreneur, Inc., and Forbes have all featured Ignite Visibility in their publications.


John Lincoln, his business partner Krish Coughran, and company management diligently train and manage the Ignite Visibility team, which numbers 90 people and is based in San Diego.


Ignite Visibility develops personalized solutions to match each client's specialized business objectives by developing mutually beneficial, long-term relationships. 


Ignite Visibility has moved forward in a field where there are no barriers to entry by thoroughly educating and testing its employees. 


Ignite Visibility uses a patented technology dubbed the "Forecaster Method" to forecast results for each of its services. Ignite can help you right now.


Agency information:

  • Count of Employees: fewer than 49
  • Budget range: $10,000 to $25,000
  • Average Hourly Rate: Inquire
  • Year of Inception: 2018 

Powered by a Billion-Dollar Businessman


Lolita Petrossov, a seasoned entrepreneur who has overseen some of the world's most significant brand changes, launched Evenstar. 

Our diverse team, which has been recognized as a leading eCommerce firm, has decades of combined experience working to rapidly build eCommerce and tech-enabled consumer companies. 


You can count on a tailored strategy that creates results and profits, whether you're a multibillion-dollar business or a start-up.


Evestar has devised a formula that works.


We examine the foundation before working with any e-commerce firm to see if it's ready to expand right away.


 Unlike most marketing agencies, we prioritize the vital KPIs of your e-commerce store before focusing on your advertising expenditure.


Lolita oversaw various initiatives to drive sales and marketing performance at JetSmarter as COO and head of Marketing, Operations, and Sales, working with several agencies—as well as JetSmarter's in-house team—to deliver.


Size didn't matter—the results were unimpressive. 

From respectable, call-all-the-shots major agencies to the famed "your account's our number one priority" strategy used by smaller, boutique businesses, the outcomes were underwhelming. 


Meanwhile, our own marketing department's data-driven strategy was yielding faster, larger, and, most importantly, measurable results.


Our team was chasing growth, while our AOR was chasing impressions. That didn't make an impression on us. 

We immediately found that typical agencies' operating frameworks didn't meet the expectations of a startup with off-the-charts growth, nor did they deliver KPIs that mattered — simply because they didn't grasp the essence of the business.

SEO Brand

Agency information:

  • The number of employees ranges from 50 to 99.
  • The budget is between $1,000 and $10,000.
  • The hourly wage is $100 on average.
  • Inception year: 2002


Our small yet global digital marketing agency understands how to help businesses flourish online. 

In fact, we were one of the first firms to apply a variety of link-building, marketplace optimization, and mobile solutions strategies that are still used today. 


While working on hundreds of different verticals, we discovered a few things about what constitutes a good campaign. 

It's all there in the numbers. 


By gathering several data points, we have the power to make data inferences that no one else can see. This process generates more inbound traffic, leads, and sales than you can handle, and that's just the beginning.


We assess every aspect of your online presence as a full-service digital firm, regardless of the size and breadth of your company. 


Because of our skills in analysis, development, and design, we create unique and tailored digital marketing solutions for each customer that are 100 percent attainable in terms of return on investment.

What good is a marketing campaign if it can't be linked to results?

The following services are provided by the agency:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for local businesses can be beneficial.
  • EDI Integration with Amazon Vendors.
  • Amazon provides SEO services.
  • Integration of SAP R3/CRM and Hybris
  • UI/UX design for websites.
  • Web design and development
  • Integration with e-commerce
  • Landing Page Optimization is a term that refers to the process of improving the
  • design and development of mobile applications.
  • Public Relations on the Internet
  • management of one's reputation.
  • Google Shopping is a search engine that lets you find products by using keywords.
  • Shopping on Bing.

Lounge Lizard 

Agency information:

  • The number of employees ranges from 50 to 99.
  • Inquire about a low-budget option.
  • Inquire about the average hourly rate.
  • Year of Inception: 1998


Lounge Lizard is your go-to marketing, web, and ad agency, with deep roots in advertising and technology. Do you want to expand your company? 

We can assist with branding, SEO, and digital marketing services, as well as website design and mobile app development.


Lounge Lizard is a game that you can play. 

Our best-in-class websites, digital marketing campaigns, and mobile apps are designed and developed by our Brandtenders, Marketing Mixologists, and Technical Distillers. 


Our relationship with Clearco enables qualified e-Commerce clients to build their enterprises by providing quick website financing (contact us to learn more).

 Services provided by the agency

  •  Marketing and Branding Strategy
  •  The development of a brand's voice
  •  The creation of a corporate identity
  •  Web design and development for businesses
  •  Producing content
  •  CRO stands for "Conversion Rate Optimization"
  •  A Digital Marketing Plan
  •  Web design and development for e-commerce
  •  Services for Email Marketing (EMS)
  •  The use of influencers
  •  Management of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns
  •  Optimization for Search Engines (On-Page, Off-Page, Technical & Local)
  •  Management of social media
  •  User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Web Design
  •  Web Development & Design (E-Commerce, Laravel, Magento, Shopify, WordPress)


Agency information:

  • The number of employees ranges from 100 to 249 people.
  • The budget is between $1,000 and $10,000.
  • Inquire about the average hourly rate.
  • Inception year: 2004


Since 2004, OuterBox SEO, PPC, and Web Design services have helped hundreds of companies increase online revenues and leads. 


Our experienced team of over 90 US-based in-house staff has over a decade of expertise and is passionate about growing your bottom line through advanced digital marketing and eCommerce.  

OuterBox is the answer if you need a custom eCommerce solution developed from the ground up, assistance updating your current platform, or are ready to improve your SEO, Paid Search, eMail, or Social Media Marketing efforts.

Digital Silk

Agency information:

  • The number of employees ranges from 50 to 99.
  • $10,000 to $25,000 in budget
  • The average hourly rate is 125 dollars.
  • Inception year: 2017.


Digital Silk is a world-class digital agency that specializes in creating superior digital experiences.
HP, Microsoft, Amazon, Xerox, AT & T, NFL, P & G, NYU, and NASA are among their B2B and B2C clients.
Their specialty is developing novel but successful digital assets that boost brand visibility and engagement.
They assign each project to a team of top industry specialists to ensure success and a proactive approach to each project.

 Services provided by the agency

  •  Integrated Marketing Strategies
  • Cutting-Edge Software Development
  •  Brand & Digital Strategies
  •  Custom Web & App Development


The bottom line is that they concentrate on delivering demonstrable outcomes to their clients every month.


Agency information:

  • The number of employees ranges from 100 to 249 people
  • The budget ranges from $1,000 to $10,000
  • Inquire about the average hourly rate
  • Inception year: 1997

Our rapidly expanding firm has over 20 years of experience in delivering tangible outcomes for your company. 

All of our contracts are month-to-month with only a 30-day notice required to terminate services, requiring us to prove ourselves each month.


Our staff can help you achieve your business goals, whether they be to improve eCommerce sales, attract foot traffic to your brick and mortar site, or gather leads. We've worked with huge national and local companies, as well as tiny local businesses, to enhance conversions, lead flow, and profits.


Agency information:

  • The number of employees ranges from 100 to 249 people
  • $10,000 to $25,000 in budget
  • Inquire about the average hourly rate
  • Inception year: 2014

Attain goals that others haven't been able to achieve.

Look for opportunities that others have overlooked.

Always hit your SQL targets.

 Direct's performance marketing goes above and beyond the norm, so you can, too.

Ignite Digital 

Agency information:

    • The number of employees is less than 49
    • Inquire about a low-budget option
    • Inquire about the average hourly rate
    • The Year of Inception: 2008


    Ignite Digital is a digital agency based in Canada. 

    We are happy to be 100% Canadian-owned and operated. 

    We presently offer digital solutions to medium and large businesses. 


    To enhance our clients' campaigns, we mix content marketing, social media (community managers), SharePoint Website development, and enterprise mobile applications.

    What distinguishes Ignite Digital from typical agencies is our commitment to building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with our clients to help nurture digital leaders and track their progress.

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