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What are the 6 types of Digital Marketing strategy 2022 ?

 What are the 6 types of Digital Marketing strategy 2022 ?

Millions of searches are done on Google every day, and for every search, there are tons of results. The competition in the online / e-commerce market is extremely high. 


Starting an online business will not be a piece of cake when the internet is already busy with several businesses focused on a particular niche. 


Well, setting up an e-commerce website is not a big deal, the challenge is to grow your business. What you offer, many online businesses are probably leading in this niche. 


When people type in their search query, you are very unlikely to appear at the top of search results; not even close, let alone high. To stand out and overtake your competitors, you must focus on your e-commerce marketing strategies so that your brand is known to Internet users.

Digital Marketing strategy

From low-cost to high-cost, you will find different types of marketing strategies that will help boost your business. However, in this article, I have offered the 6 best eCommerce marketing strategies.

search engine optimization

SEO is an integral part of e-commerce marketing. 

No matter how good your website is, its existence doesn't even matter if it's not SEO optimized. How would people know your brand exists if it doesn't show up in search results? 


That's what SEO is for: telling Google or other search engines about your business and its offerings so that when a user searches and the query relates to your business, the search engine will show your website under the results. 

So, the main thing you need to do to increase your brand visibility is to optimize your website for SEO. Do keyword research. List the keywords you want to rank for on the search engine and place them on your web pages. 


Avoid keyword stuffing; this can adversely affect the performance of your website. 

Keywords are used to tell the search engine what your business is based on. 


When the bot crawls your website and identifies a few more emphasized keywords, it will suggest your website to users for queries around those keywords.

 Média social

Second, my eCommerce marketing strategy list is social media. 

Today, nothing comes close to social media when we talk about marketing an e-commerce website. Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, which were once meant for entertainment purposes only, have now become huge marketing platforms. 


Why social networks? The main reason you should consider social media marketing is the audience base. With so many users, 90-95% of your target audience is likely to be on these platforms. Second, they are completely free. You can create your brand page right now, in minutes. 


Social media gives a large organic reach to your brand and products, and you can acquire many customers through the platform. 


To increase your brand awareness, you can also spend a few dollars on paid promotion using the help of social media ads. 

Just a suggestion – Don't use social media just for promotion. Use it to maintain the relationship with your subscribers. 


Make a connection, answer their questions, and interact with them. Besides Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are also among the platforms targeted by brands.


 It's up to you to decide where you want to market your products and how much time you have to manage those accounts.

Reach out to influencers

Influencer marketing is an addition to e-commerce marketing strategy. Influencer marketing is the current trend. It is the form of marketing where you reach out to an influencer and ask them to promote your brand or products. The amount of an influencer's fee depends on their popularity. 


Someone popular among Internet users and with more subscribers will charge relatively higher than with less popular ones. 


As the term suggests, influencer marketing influences the purchasing decision of followers because they have a fondness for the influencer. In other words, you can say that influencer marketing is like a small version of advertisements done on a larger scale like TV commercials.

Content Marketing and Posting

You simply cannot ignore content marketing when it comes to e-commerce marketing strategy. Create a blog and start writing. When you write, be sure to provide some kind of value to your readers. 

This shouldn't sound completely promotional. 


I know you want to link your products, but it shouldn't be done in a way that disrupts the flow of content. Identify topics around your niche, find out what people are searching for, then write a blog post that revolves around it. 


This way, you will be able to promote your product in addition to helping your readers get the answers they were looking for. Content marketing isn't just about blogging. 


You can write a guide and provide an e-book to your users, and to promote this guide you can use lead magnets. For more marketing, you can reach out to other publications and post comments, which not only gives you a backlink to your website but also gives you the opportunity to showcase your brand in front of a new audience. 


You can find many guest posting websites on the internet. Contact them, follow their guidelines and submit your messages.


Nothing can match the level of happiness a brand has when their customers or customers leave a positive note about them, which we call testimonials. 

The aim of any business is to provide quality products and services to their customers/clients. 


And when they feel satisfied with your brand, it's a sign of loyalty and trust in your brand, which is very important from a brand perspective. 


When a customer gives positive feedback, highlight that testimonial on your website, primarily on the homepage. You can also promote testimonials on social media platforms. 


Testimonials are helpful in encouraging new visitors to trust your brand and turn them into loyal customers.

 Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is one of the most popular eCommerce marketing strategies. 


Whenever a brand is new in the market, marketers or business owners use the help of referral marketing to popularize it and acquire new customers. 


No customer would be interested in a new brand. To spark their interest, you can run referral programs or you reward users with incentives or commissions every time they refer your brand/website to other people. When people benefit from it, one refers to the other and a long chain is formed. This boosts your brand awareness.

One last thought

I also wanted to add email marketing to the list. 

It is very basic, so it needs to be explained in depth. The above strategies have proven to be very beneficial for many online businesses. 


Try them out and tell me how it went with you, feel free to comment if you have any other points to add.

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