Digital marketing: Definition, jobs, salary 2022

It's hard to ignore digital marketing when over 90% of Americans are online. Here's everything you want to know.

Digital marketing: definition, jobs, salaries...2022


Digital marketing: Definition, jobs, salary...2022

The main tools of digital marketing are:

  • commercial emails
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization or natural referencing)
  •  SEM (Search Engine Marketing or purchase of paid keywords) 
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization or natural referencing on social networks)
  • affiliation (when a brand offers its products on the site of another brand)
  • display advertising (purchase of space)
  •  SMS/MMS,
  • partnerships 
  • contests

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing makes use of digital channels to promote a product or promote a manufacturer to consumers. 


It is primarily based on the improvement of the use of the Internet and related objects. Websites, social networks, cell sites, functions for smartphones and tablets, GPS, podcasts, online movies are at the coronary heart of digital marketing. 


The goal of digital marketing is to increase visits to the site, to transform these visits into acts of purchase, and to build customer loyalty by establishing a regular relationship with him.

Why do digital marketing?

The marketer must go where his audiences are.

 It is difficult to miss the digital channel when we know that 91.9% of Americans connected to the Internet in the last quarter of 2020 according to data from Médiamétrie//Netratings.



 Launching an acquisition marketing campaign on Google is completed in a few clicks. The sole restriction is that of the finances you favor to allocate to it...

The barriers to entry are, from this point of view, much lower. 



While a media plan on TV, radio, or in the press is negotiated over-the-counter on minimum amounts generally inaccessible to most SMEs, nothing like this on digital. 



Launching an acquisition campaign on Google is done in a few clicks. The only limit is that of the budget you want to allocate to it. Same for Facebook and other platforms. The GAFAs understood that ease of use was the key to evangelizing.

On the open Web, it's a little more complicated, but more and more trading desks are launching offers for SMEs to allow them, too, to appear on the sites of Le Monde, Figaro, and other prestigious media. Finally, for those with even more limited budgets, launching a Facebook Twitter or Instagram account is free. 


If you have content that is at least interesting and topical, you will have no trouble capturing the attention of your audience...

How to do digital marketing?

You don't necessarily need long studies to do digital marketing. Two of the main platforms, Google and Facebook, are child's play. 



It is, therefore, possible, as a self-taught person, to learn how to handle them and optimize the distribution of the campaigns displayed there. 


Google, Facebook, and the majority of big technologies also offer certifications that it is possible to pass as a free candidate or thanks to your company. 



These certifications attest to your skills, for example, the Google Analytics certification demonstrates that you are familiar with this Google tool.

What are the goals of digital marketing?

The end goal of most marketing actions is to generate sales. Digital marketing is no exception. 

Of course, this can be done in several steps. The marketing lever can, most of the time, come down to a large conversion tunnel. 


A distinction is made between actions that make it possible to reach users located upstream of this tunnel (the upper funnel) because they are not aware of your brand or are no longer engaged in a buying process.

This will be carried out thru so-called branding or attention actions... Actions that target the bottom of the conversation funnel, usually SEA or retargeting, allow a brand to position itself with a user who is already well into their buying process to win the sale. 



According to these steps, several objectives: recruit customers, reach prospects, show your ads, generate clicks, make your brand known... It's up to you to define the KPIs that seem most relevant to you.


What are the professions of digital marketing?


This gives, by the level of experience: the digital marketing assistant, the digital marketing manager, the digital marketing manager, and the digital marketing director.



 These functions can obey more restricted perimeters in acquisition or branding, or overlap with broader functions, such as for a digital marketing project manager or a digital marketing consultant.

What salaries and opportunities in digital marketing?

Salaries can vary from low to high depending on the feature being implemented and the stage of experience. But according to a study carried out by Amravati, a recruitment firm specializing in digital, a digital project manager will be hired at a salary of between 27 and 35,000 euros. 


This salary can go up to 65,000 euros for profiles with between 5 and 10 years of experience.



A community manager starts at 25,000 euros against 30,000 euros for the social media manager, with a slightly more complete profile.

An acquisition manager, who will generally have between 5 and 10 years of experience, will receive at least 65,000 euros. 



At the very top of the pyramid, we find the director of digital marketing whose profile is around 100,000 euros.

What training and what courses to do digital marketing?

Profiles evolving in the world of general marketing have generally obtained a master's degree, a diploma sanctioning 5 years of validated studies in higher education. 



The last year of study, the year of M2 is generally that of specialization in digital. 



This kind of diploma is got in engineering and commercial enterprise faculties however also, greater and extra often, in faculties specializing in digital technological know-how. 


The university also offers specialized training in digital marketing. There are also some self-taught profiles or those who have validated a certifying training during their professional course. 



Training to design a digital marketing plan or to use Google Analytics in its reports and analyzes can benefit from total or partial funding from Pôle Emploi. 

Others are eligible for the non-public education account (CPF). 



This account permits personnel to finance all or phases of their training... CCM Benchmark Institut, a subsidiary of the Figaro - CCM Benchmark group, offers, in partnership with the ESCP Europe business school, an 11-day training course spread over six months, leading to a certificate in digital marketing.



 It is also possible to obtain Google marketing certifications through the digital workshops offered by the advertising giant.

Which book on digital marketing?

Digital marketing is unsurprisingly the subject of abundant literature. Be careful, however, not to choose a version that is too old, as the practice evolves significantly each year. 


You can start with this "Big Book of digital marketing", published in October 2020 by Dun

What is the translation of digital marketing?

Web marketing

  • Web advertising and marketing refers to the sale of merchandise via digital channels (Internet, related objects, social networks, online videos, etc.).


  • Digital marketing refers to the sale of products via digital channels (Internet, connected objects, social networks, online videos, etc.).

Synonym(s) of Digital Marketing

electronic marketing, e-marketing, web marketing, cyber marketing, digital marketing

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